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Internet Marketing As a Competitive Advantage

If you wonder how savvy businesses are grabbing new customers the answer is Internet Marketing. Whether you do business in a cosmopolitan metro area or a small rural town, the internet has leveled the playing field.

People everywhere use technology first to find a solution. The internet has risen to the number 1 place for people to shop when they want to buy locally. It is the first line of defense for businesses to grow. It IS the marketing.

It is estimated over 40% of those who need a service turn to the internet search engines.

Studies have shows that over 85% of consumers who use Internet search engines to locate a service or product, actually take the next step and contact the business by phone or walk-in. And over 60% of those who do contact a business make their purchase from a business. How does this translate to a small business owner? It means that while the internet was capturing our imagination, it also captured our paying customers.

The Marketing Spartans, using proven techniques, can simplify your online marketing strategy to make sense both from a clean online footprint and cost structure. Our team of search engine optimization experts will help you create a campaign so you can get a piece of the local internet marketing pie and build your business presence . And local Internet marketing allows you to receive and review statistics that will help you zero on in on your online strategy with laser precision.

See what The Marketing Spartan can do for your business so your business can capture market share locally. Click here to get started or follow the links below to learn more about our marketing solutions.

The Marketing Spartans offer custom designed marketing services to meet the needs of any size business. Whether you’re a one person shop with a need to outsource your SEO and marketing or a larger company looking to augment your current staff’s output, we have a solution to meet your every need.

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