Simple WordPress Blog Setup

We realize not everyone has a budget that allows for a multi-thousand dollar website.  Sometimes you just need a quick blog to promote your products and services.

For under $400 we will modify a premium blog theme and template, give you a blog format, a homepage, an about you page and a contact page.  Included in the cost is one year of hosting.  After the first year, hosting costs will apply.

You’ll end up with a professional-looking design that doesn’t look exactly like other blogs. However, there may be other sites out there that will look similar to yours simply because the structure of the theme is usually not altered.  We upload and configure the most popular WordPress plugins, will insert 5 images (either freeware or you supply), setup widgets, create a favicon, and add social media sharing icons as well as perform some other simple design tasks.

We then turn the blogging over to you.

This is a perfect and economical solution for the new website owner who needs to get traction quickly or for experienced website owners who want to branch out on their online footprint.

Contact us today to find out how we can help grow your business with a

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