Marketing Strategy Development

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

Eleanor Roosevelt

We deliver results.  Developing a marketing strategy and implementation plan first can save time, money, headaches and heartaches. Hoping for new customers is not a plan.Marketing is evolving every day.  The “how” is evolving as fast as technology will allow.  One thing that hasn’t changed much is consumers. Whether you are marketing a product or service directly to consumers or any B2B relationship there will always be needs. The change in consumer taste and marketing tactics does not change the market needs.
With the advent of Internet Marketing came the ability to adjust “on a dime.”   As you implement Web tools, search engine marketing, email marketing campaigns, interactive campaigns and website optimization, you can see your targeted messages reaching your most relevant audiences – potential buyersSo how do you best find your market?  Who is your audience?  What activities are you going to do to reach this audience?  How do you adjust for market changes?  What is the perfect mix of new verses repeat customer for your business model? Do you drop postcards, get on Twitter and Facebook, “go mobile” or just cross your fingers and hope if you build it they will come? Do you use hard print advertising or strictly digital?  What’s your budget?  How do you make it happen? These are just a few of the dozens and dozens of questions you need to answer to reach your market.
 ID-100187418The Marketing Spartans use a seven step proprietary methodology that identifies the market climate, the strengths and weaknesses, the type of marketing plan necessary for your particular line of business, an implementation process and a monitoring process. We focus on helping you develop a roadmap that best meets the needs of your company depending on where it is in its lifecycle.The Marketing Spartans will assist in creating a detailed plan to reach your market. We look at a full range of marketing tools to help you realize your goals.   Our Marketing Strategy Plans are dynamic so they can be changed with the market and interactive so you can do them real-time.  Things change fast so we trackresults every month and analyze how the plan is doing against your goals and recommend tactics to help you spend your marketing dollars in the most effective way.

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