Public Relations

Public RelationsPublic relations is not what it used to be.  PR used to be for the big, burly companies because small companies couldn’t afford it.  And if you could afford it you still had to jockey for position.

The internet has leveled the playing field for PR.  What has changed in the world of Public Relations that would make a small or medium sized company consider developing a PR strategy?

Just to name a few reasons……

  • More Affordable Than Ever
  • Interactive News Releases
  • Easier access to reporters
  • Blogging makes it easy
  • Social Media
  • More Engagement
  • All About Reputation
  • Increased Credibility
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • News in a flash
  • Better Measurement Capabilities
  • Easily Accessible (we can do it for you)

The Marketing Spartans can develop a precise strategic plan of action so your company can run with the big companies using PR.  Or we can run the plan for you.   Give us a call today to figure out your options.