Online Reputation Management Planning

reputation management planningYou work hard on customer service.  You bend over backwards for your customers and make sure you are employing all the right online tools to give your customers the best experience possible.  Then – BAM – that dreaded one star rating shows up in Google or some other review site.

You have an unhappy customer and when you Google your company this customer has posted comments that make you realize they are poisoning the well.

The Marketing Spartans use advanced strategies and tools to do 2 things – get the review mitigated if possible and using SEO techniques and tools getting the bad review cast lower in the search engines where it becomes irrelevant.

No matter how great your customer service is, there will always be ONE person not happy and with today’s quick access to the internet and reviews every business owner needs to stay on top of their reputation because at the end of the day, reputation is the most valuable commodity a company has.

Let the experts at the Marketing Spartan perform a Reputation Analysis and develop a Reputation Strategy so your good business name will always be your calling card.