Website Design

A first impression can be the start of a new relationship – or the end of it. 

You only have one time to make a first impression.  When a potential customer or client comes to your site do they have the engagement experience you were hoping they would?  Are they getting a full service experience on their mobile device?

The Marketing Spartans believe first impressions should be lasting.  We work to design websites around the personality of your business so the first impression tells people who YOU are and what they can expect from you.  We work with any budget and any design  to make sure it fits with your vision.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a site update – a freshen up.  Adding some new, more popular images or colors may give you a fresh image in the market.  Sometimes it’s a full overhaul or maybe you’re in start-up and need to brand your company with your online footprint.

Whatever your needs, we turn your website into a  marketing tool and not just an expensive online brochure fully optimized for Search Engines

At The Marketing Spartans we have a belief about websites – having one that no one can find is liking being in witness protection!  And your website being seen by only current customers or those you have pointed to it is not a marketing tool.  So we work on your site to make sure it is ready for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).   We help with creating content, images and user-friendly navigation so your customers have that “first date” experience.   

All of our websites come standard with on-page search engine optimization, which can be custom-tailored to work along side existing AdWords Campaigns and are developed based on online marketing strategies. We only use “best practices” so we avoid the latest search engine punishments.

We are the resource to help you.  Some of the services we offer:

  • Build a web  site to fit your business personality and secure revenue
  • Find a domain (if in start-up) that reflects who and what you are
  • Develop an e-commerce platform to sell products online
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla, WordPress.  WordPress is one of the most powerful online platforms available.

Cross-Device Tested

Mobile is here to stay.  We make sure your site responds to the latest technology on the market and across most search engine platforms.

Converting Lookers to Customers

It’s great when someone comes to your website – but you want them to DO something.  Buy this, click that, sign up for this.  It’s known as conversion in the internet marketing world.  We lay out the site to optimize the visual aspect of the site and to let users read and act like they think.  We use the hotspots that users see to your advantage.


There is no one “price” for a website.  The Marketing Spartans have found through our experience, no two businesses are the same – so no 2 websites should be the same.  But business leaders just want a ballpark, so here is our ballpark: 

  • Blogs from $3,000
  • Content Management Websites from $6,000
  • Basic PHP Websites from $7,000 – $10,000
  • Database-driven PHP sites from $10,000 and up
  • E-commerce website – depends on product numbers – $3,000 and up